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Interactive Google Maps Mash-ups

Catalonia 1 dot = 1 person dot map:

After seeing Brandon Martin-Anderson's Census Dotmap and Carles Fonfria’s and Marc Oller’s Europe Dotmap it occurred to me that a more precise way of representing these very interesting 1:1 population dot maps could be implemented by including information about where people exactly live. By using 2012 population data provided as censual sections by the INE and combining it with 2009 land use data from CREAF, a map indicating how many people live in each housing polygon has been created. QGIS has been used to perform most of the necessary processes. Some considerations:

Some numbers

- 7,546,895 points
- 5,018 Censal sections
- 80,241 Population polygons
- 432,123 Map tiles

About me

Dr. Alex Nobajas
Lecturer in Human Geography
Keele University